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In order to better understand the usage Grabber's users do of the program, there is a very light telemetry integrated.

It helps understand which direction to take for the program.

What is sent and why


Everything is anonymous, and that what you search/download/etc. is never sent.

Screen resolution

To help improve the UI and know how many elements can/should be present on the screen at the same time.

For example, if it is clear that most users use the program on a small screen, an effort will have to be made to ensure everything is properly usable on small screens. On the other hand, if there is a lot of 4K users, high-DPI screen support should be improved.

Country and language

To know which translations to work on, both for the program and the documentation.

Operating system

To know which platforms mainly use the program. Useful to see where to improve releases, testing, and feature support.

Grabber's version

To measure penetration, and see how many users "hold on" to old versions instead of updating, and to see how many use the nightly version.

An event on startup

To understand when the program is used, and how many active users there are at a given time.

Otherwise, the only way to know the popularity of the program is to count downloads, which has been proven inefficient.

How to disable telemetry

The sending of anonymous usage data can easily be disabled in the options. Just open them, then in the "General" section of the options, uncheck "Send anonymous usage data".

Last update: November 19, 2023