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Whatever URL is entered when adding a site with this source, it will be overriden by:

Search syntax

  • tag1 tag2: basic tag search
  • mode:{partial,full,tc}: tag search type (default: partial)
  • bookmarks:USER_ID: fetch a given user's bookmarks
  • user:USER_ID: fetch art from a given user
  • is:followed: show illustrations from artists you follow
  • type:{illust,manga}: only load works of a given type (only applies to user: and empty searches)


The date format is YYYY-MM-DD.

  • date:EXACT: get results from a given date
  • date:>=START: get results after the given date (inclusive)
  • date:<=END: get results before the given date (inclusive)
  • date:START..END: get results between the start and end date


Pixiv removed username/password authentication. As such, you need to use OAuth access and refresh tokens directly.

Here's a useful Python script that allows you to do exactly that: