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Keyboard shortcuts


Shortcuts marked with * might change depending on your platform.


Also called "Access keys", those are the underlined characters you can find in menu titles or buttons around the user interface. The underlined character correspond to the key to open the menu / click the button when in conjunction with the Alt key.

Sometimes, the underline only appears when pressing the Alt key.



In this example, there are two shortcuts available: * Alt+O to open the sources window * Alt+M to toggle the "merge results" feature

Main window

Action Default shortcut Qt Shortcut
Quit the application Ctrl+Q*
Focus search field Ctrl+L
Close tab Ctrl+W*
Re-open closed tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab*
New tab Ctrl+T*
Go to the previous tab Ctrl+PageUp Ctrl+Shift+Tab*
Go to the next tab Ctrl+PageDown Ctrl+Tab*
Open save directory in file browser Ctrl+O*

Downloads tab

Action Default shortcut
Remove selected downloads Delete

Viewer window

Normal mode

Action Default shortcut
Close the window Escape
Show previous search result Left arrow
Show next search result Right arrow
Open media details D
Save media as... Ctrl+Shift+S*
Save media Ctrl+S*
Save media and close window Ctrl+W*
Open save path in file browser Ctrl+O
Favourite media Ctrl+Alt+S*
Favourite media and close window Ctrl+Alt+W*
Open favourite path in file browser Ctrl+Alt+O
Toggle full-screen mode F11*
Toggle slideshow mode Space*
Copy the image's raw data to the clipboard Ctrl+C*

Full-screen mode

Action Default shortcut
Leave full-screen mode Escape
Leave full-screen mode F11*
Show next media Right arrow
Show previous media Left arrow
Toggle slideshow Space