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Configuration files








The list below is not sorted by "priority" but alphabetically. Also, some files might not exist depending on your specific configuration.

  • cache/: temporary files for caching things such as HTTP requests
  • sites/: list of sources and sites (see Sources)
  • themes/: the installed themes (see Themes)
  • thumbs/: the thumbnails for favorite tags
  • webservices/: the icons for webservices
  • blacklist.txt: the ignored and blacklisted tags
  • commands.log: the log of commands (not SQL)
  • commands.sql: the log of SQL commands
  • favorites.json: the user's favorites
  • filenamehistory.txt: history of the "filename" quick edit field in the main window
  • ignore.txt: the "ignored" tags as set in the user settings
  • main.log: log of everything that happened in the current (or last) run of the program
  • md5s.txt: the database of already downloaded files
  • md5s.sqlite: the database of already downloaded files (beta SQLite format, see issue #2116)
  • monitors.json: the user's monitors
  • restore.igl: batch and single images downloads
  • settings.ini: contains the settings that are edited in the "options" window (so most of them)
  • tabs.json: the user's opened tabs
  • viewitlater.txt: the "kept for later" tags
  • wordsc.txt: tags automatically added to the auto-complete list, in addition to the words.txt file that can be found in the installation folder