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Using commands can slow down huge batch downloads (a recent computer may need from 100ms to 1s more per image)



Follow the official documentation from the Szurubooru repository. Note that you'll need to have Docker installed.

Don't forget to update the MOUNT_ variables in the .env file.

If you're having issues setting it up (for example with filesystem permissions), there is a Common errors page in their wiki that might be of help for troubleshooting.


  • Create an account on the registration page, you should automatically be an administrator
  • Create tag categories in the tag categories page, it is recommended to at least add the "character", "copyright", "artist", and "meta" categories, as well as renaming "default" to "general"
  • Create a token with a very late expiration date in "Account > Login tokens"


Install NodeJS

You need Node.js to be installed on your machine to use the upload script used by Grabber. You can download it from their website, or from a package manager here.

Download the upload script

Download the szurubooru.js file into Grabber's installation folder.


If your Szurubooru instance is not on the same machine as Grabber, or simply not accessible at http://localhost:8080/, make sure to update the URL in the script.

Install NodeJS global packages

This script uses the Node.js "axios" and "form-data" plugins, so you can install them with:

npm install -g axios form-data

Make sure the NODE_PATH environment variable is properly set to point to your global node_modules folder. On Windows, it's usually:


But you can check the exact path with:

npm root -g


Open Grabber, then go to "Options > Commands", and set the "Image" field to:

node szurubooru.js "YOUR_USERNAME" "YOUR_TOKEN" "%all:includenamespace,unsafe,underscores%" "%rating%" "%source:raw%" "%path:nobackslash%"

Make sure to replace YOUR_USERNAME by your Szurubooru username, and YOUR_TOKEN by the token created earlier (in the xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx format or similar).

This command will be run every time an image is saved, causing it to also be sent to your Szurubooru instance!