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Using commands can slow down huge batch downloads (a recent computer may need from 100ms to 1s more per image)

Thanks a lot to Siegen for his integration of Shimmie and upload script.



Follow the official Docker installation documentation from the Shimmie repository. Note that you'll need to have Docker installed. If you prefer a more on-hands installation without Docker, they also have an on-disk installation documentation you can follow instead.


  • The first time you visit the site, it will ask you for database credentials, you can just switch the "Type" to SQLite if you don't know
  • Create an account on the registration page, you should automatically be an administrator
  • Go to the setup page, and edit settings as needed (it's recommended to at least increase the "Max size per file" setting to a higher value)


Install PHP

You need PHP to be installed on your machine to use the upload script used by Grabber. You can find installation instructions on their website.

Once installed, make sure that the cURL extension is enabled as the script requires it. It can be done by editing the php.ini file in your PHP installation, replacing ;extension=curl by extension=curl (without the leading semicolon). Otherwise, you might encounter this error:

Call to undefined function curl_init()

Download the upload script

  1. Download the UploadToShimmie.php file somewhere you can edit it.
  2. Edit the top part of the file, especially $shimmieUser and $shimmiePassword.
  3. Move the file into Grabber's installation folder.


Open Grabber, then go to "Options > Commands", and set the "Image" field to:

php "UploadToShimmie.php" -h="%md5%" -f="%path%" -t="%all:includenamespace,underscores,unsafe,separator=;%" -s="%website%" -r="%rating%"


If you did not install PHP globally, you might need to change php into its exact path, like C:\tools\php82\php.exe (for a Chocolatey install on Windows).