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Tag databases

Hey everyone!


Tag databases, while documented on this very website, is a little-known feature of Grabber. However, they are very useful, and as such there is ongoing work to make them more easy to use.

Discord server

Hey everyone!


Multiple people asked for it, and since very few people were using the Gitter server, I've decided to move the chat/discussion server to Discord. I'll still be on Gitter for a while, but it will eventually be closed to avoid having two places for the same thing.

AppImage for Linux releases

Hey everyone!


Just a heads-up that I'm currently in the process of testing a new format for Linux releases for Grabber, namely using AppImage instead of tar.gz.

You can find more info about the AppImage format on

Android version

Hey everyone!


For those that might not follow the project closely on Github, there's a new Android version of Grabber that's under active development.